Monday, October 03, 2005

Mycah's New Coat

Here is Mycah's new coat. It was pretty fun to make. I enjoyed putting the zipper in. It has pockets on the sides. It called for elastic around the arms, but i opted not to put it in, thought it would look better without. It's kinda, but all the things come out big. It was the smallest size I could find...xtra small. He likes how soft the fleece is. Shane really likes this coat and wants one made of the same fabric. So I will get his fleece and Trin's fleece next.

Here is the back of the coat

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Harlequin Hearts

Here is my finished Harlequin Hearts quilt wall hanging. It came out wonderful. I made this for my mom. This time when I used the invisible thread to quilt it it worked pretty good for me and I didn't have a hard time with it. However when I tried to use it to blindhem stitch the hearts down it would not work, so I had to use the zigzag stich around the hearts which still came out looking really good. I am really pleased with how good this turned out. It is a beautiful wall hanging. I am hoping to make more (wall hangings) as gifts in the future (as time allows).

Here is an upclose pic of one of the hearts.