Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bean Bag Fun!

Here are some bean bags I made for the kids today. I used the fuzzy scraps from their little quilts to make them. It's kinda gloomy out and is suppose to rain today so we thought we would have some indoor fun. First up was our bean bag toss...which really they are filled with macaroni. Second we played animal charades. Later today we have a few more activities planned.

Here's Trin getting ready to throw her bean bag.

Here is Mycah and Trinity throwing their bean bags for the bean bag toss.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Jungle Fun Baby Quilt

Here is a pic of the baby quilt I'm gonna put on ebay. I had a few minor hang ups with it. But all ended well. The backing I used was not what originally came with it. I had some "issues" with it so I bought new backing. The quilt is still damp in these pics so some of the fabric (the backing) is darker than normal. Hopefully this quilt will sell for the amount I'm hoping although I don't think it will, but I have to try...or I will never know.

Back of the quilt.

Here's a pic of the corner fabric and of the quilting.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Special Thanks!

Here are some gifts that arrived yesterday in the mail. First being a new cloth pull up for Trin for night time. She recieved two of them, but one is dirty. The other one is a pocket pull up with microfiber inside and it is soooo soft. This one has pretty little princess flannel on the inside and the soaker is made of sherpa (hope I got that right). Trin loves the princess print. Trin was so happy to get bigger pull ups. She couldn't wait to call Aunt Rhina and tell her thank you, and then when we tried them on (while she was still on the phone with Karina) to see if they fit she said, "They not hurt me. I luvs you Aunt Rhina" Poor Trin was in need of some bigger sizes and Aunt Rhina came through for us! She has grown out of the previous pull ups Karina has made for her. Also inclosed in the package were two more pretty pads to add to my stash!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sleepy Kitty

Here is a pic of the pajamas I made Trin. Doreen had bought this material for me. We found it of the remnant rack. I didn't have a pattern for these I just kinda made it up as I went along. Looks more like a little dress than pjs but oh well. I used one of my decorative stitches at the bottom. I wanted to play around with them some. I needed a button for the back of it so I took a button of one of her play I think it turned out good.

Back of the pajamas and the button.

Up close pic of the patern on the pajamas.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Soldier's Quilt

Here is a pic of the finished quilt. I had both kids standing on the back of the couch trying to hold it up for So it's a little crooked and folded. But you can still see what it looks like. You can't see the quilting on it from here. I didn't quilt on the border like I had originally planned. I was just wanting to get it finished and get it shipped out. This quilt was made for a wounded soldier, for Blanket's of Hope

Here is a pic of the back.

Close pic of one of the squares. Can't really see the quilting in it.

Here is a pic of the quilting on the back.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Knitted Cell Phone Cozy

Here is my new cell phone cozy. I knitted it using the stockinette stitch. It has velcro that holds it closed. The button is only for looks. I picked out a cute dragonfly button for it. I did all the knitting part one night. It didn't take too long at all. It was a fun little project.

The outside of it open

Here is the inside where my velcro is. I seem to have a hard time sewing straight on yarn. O.o

Close pic of my dragonfly button.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yay....'s come home!!!!

Karina's Purse

Here is the purse I made for Karina. It is the exact same as mine except for this one is pink instead of purple. I think the front pocket is still a little crooked on this one too :/

Up close pic.