Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Gameboy Carrying Case

Well, I finshed Mycah's Gameboy carrying case today and I must say I am very proud of this case. I appliqued an 'M' on the front but left the edges open so they will fray. They're not frayed yet...who knew that when you want something to fray, it won't!
Here is the front flap that opens up and has vinyl pockets to put 4 games. You can see 2 games in there now (they are wrapped however). This flap/pocket verlcros shut with the front flap.
Here is the main compartment. I love the material that I used for the linning. I put batting around this compartment to make it a little more 'safe'. This compartment also velcros shut

Here it is with the Gameboy inside. Yes, it's only a Gameboy color. As he gets older we will advance him to more 'expensive' travel gameing systems.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


I am so upset. I have found out that if I want the knew features with blogger that I cannot keep my own blog skins, but will have to use one of theirs. I really want to use the label system so I can have all my crafts categorized. I have spent the last 2 1/2 hours labeling all my posts sense I started this blog! Then I find out that certain things that I like to have on my blog will not work with their templates. ie, my homeschool banner at the top, and my wips bar. So now I am stuck deciding what I really want. I am still working with their customized templates to see if I get my stuff to work, but it seems hopeless :(

Play Dough and CHRISTmas Presents

Ok, I decided to go ahead and post some pics of the things I have been working on. I still have a few more of the peppermint wreaths to make, but everything else is pretty much finished. I do have one more thing I have to get made before CHRISTmas and that is Mycah's carrying case for his gameboy that we are giving him. I had originally planned on going to ebay to get one, but then duh!!! it hit me...I can just make his carrying case and make it better than the ones I would buy. So I will be getting fabric for that hopefully tomorrow or Saturday to get that finished. Which it shouldn't take to long to make, but I am planning on appliqueing an M on it for him, and giving it "raggedy" boy look. So we shall see how that comes out! Until then... Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. I am now officially part of the new blogger!

Here is Batman and the Plum fairy playing with some homemade play dough I made for them this morning. They love this stuff. Especially using the rolling pin and cookie cutters.

Batman holding up something he made...can't remember now what it was.

Close up of the Plum fairy.

Still working hard.

Here is the peppermint wreath that I made for our tree.

Here are some of the peppermint wreaths I made. I made some of these along time ago before we had children and liked them so much. So I was happy I rememberd how to make them.

Here are some homemade hot cocoa jars I made...ok they are not really in jars. It's a ziploc container. The last two still need "hats" though.

Here are the natural rice bags that I made. They are made of flannel and can be used as heating pads or ice packs. Christi made some and her's are really cute. I got the instructions for these here.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Well, since I can't comment on beta blogs I've decided I will just leave my comments here. First, over at Mom2Rays she has made the most adorable purses. All the diffrent colors and patterns are so pretty and it's the neatest purse! I really like them. Then over at Sew Blessed she made the cutest little angel yoyos. You could either hang them as an ornament or use as a pin you wear. They were too cute. She has also been baking goodlooking cheesecakes and making fresh homemade bread...with her grain mill...I want a grain mill..(sigh).

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


..I do not like the new blogger beta! I can not comment on people who are using it. I have tried everything today and still it will not let comment on blogs who are using it. Maybe because my blogs are not switched over. Some of my blogs do not qualify for the new blogger beta so I can not switch them over yet. Maybe my problems will be solved once I am able to switch. Just know that I am keeping up with the normal blogs that I check and have not abandoned you!

And Christi...I can't even load your page. Idk if that is because of my computer or if it is another reason....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Newest Purse

Here is a pic of my new purse. I am really happy with this purse. I'm not sure it came out how I originally imagined it, but I am pleased. I used home decor fabric and appliqued the flower on it. I loved the home decor fabric but wanted to brighted it up and make it feel more happy. I also wanted to add red to it since I thought red would be a nice accent color for it. I do wish the red had been a little deeper, but it was all I had on hand. I put in a zipper to finish off this purse. I finished it all in one sitting... about 4 hours, give or take a few. This purse was my own design.

Here is a pic of the inside linning.

Here is a pic of the inside with all my stuff. But I have a many people still carry there children's shot records with them? I know that's more common with little baby's because they're getting shots every 3 months or so. But for some reason I still carry my children's shot records with me.

Here is a pic of the closed zipper.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Gift Quilt

Here is a pic of my finished quilt. (sorry it's a little crooked). I made this quilt for Shane's Grandma for Christmas. I used the log cabin for this quilt. I'm excited about giving it to her. Shane really likes this quilt too. I finished off the binding by hand. Now off to make more Christmas gifts :)

Here is another pic, but it's a little blurry.

Here is a pic of the quilted heart border. I haven't washed the marking pencil out yet. But the thread color is black.

Just a pic of one of the squares.

Here is a pic of the back.


I have been working diligently on the binding on the Christmas quilt gift. I am hoping to have it finished within the next day or two...hand sewing takes a while :) I am also working on Christmas gifts that I won't be posting until after Christmas for obvious reasons. We have been busy here making Christmas ornaments and other goodies. I hope everyone else's Christmas crafting is going well...