Monday, March 24, 2008

Trin's New Gown

Here is a pair of pajamas I have been working on for weeks. Slowly cutting out a piece here and a piece there. Sewing it a little bit at a time. But I finally finished it and she loves it. I want to get some more fabric and make her a few more.

Birthday Gifts

Well, this year my birthday fell on Good Friday. My hubby took me out to a nice dinner and made me a wonderful cake...he also bought me a yummy one from DQ.
Here are the gifts I recieved from my sister.
First is an apple salt and pepper shakers. It is too cute!
Then she sent me some of my favorite chocolates from Hawaii!!!!!

These are the gifts I received from my friend Chrisiti. First is a beautiful tart warmer with LOTS of wonderful smelling tarts to burn.
Second is a an embroidered dish towel. No the spot wasn't there when she gave it to me...that was courtesy of my children :)
I also recieved some money from my mil and really nice candles from my bil and sil.

Christmas Swap Gifts

Here are two of the swap gifts I have received so far. I have one more to get plus I still have to make mine to send out. Doreen and I have both been slowed down by our new little bundles.

This is a really cute little wallet that Christi made. It has little compartments inside for credit cards and such.

This is a beautiful walhanging that Karina made. I love the verse on it :)