Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dragonfly Dress

Here is Trin showing off her new little dragonfly dress. It's the same pattern as the one I made last year with the oranges on it.

Here is a closer shot of the front.

Here is a pic of the back. I love these little criss cross dresses for summer time.

Here's a pic of the teal bloomers underneath. I love the teal color with this little dress.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Woody's Pajama Bottoms

Here is Father's Day gift #2. It's a pair of pajama bottoms for Woody. It didn't take me long to whip these out :D I used my overcast stitch to "serge" the edges so they won't fray. My wonderful friend Doreen mentiond to me that my machine can do this. So it was really nice to be able to finish it off this way.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lunch Bag

Here is one of Woody's Father's Day presents. It's a lunch bag. I made the design myself. It's on the larger side so he can fit all of his lunch (tupper ware) and snacks in it.

Here is is with the flap open.

Inside view.

Here is is from a side view laying

Monday, June 12, 2006

Trinity's Knitted Hat

Here is Trin showing off her knitted hat. This yarn is so soft. It's such a cute little hat and I love the colors. I'm hoping to make a ribbed scarf to go with it. This set will be perfect for this winter.

Here is an upclose pic of her hat.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Quilt Square #6

Ok, here is block #6. Yea, it's a pretty disfunctional block. But, I still think it looks cool. I just hacked up some strips and sewed them randomly together and to make them the right size I added a not symmetrical The block looks cooler in person I think.

Quilt Square #5

Here is quilt block #5. I used the Streak 'O Lightning method with this square.

Quilt Square # 4

Well, here is block #4. It's a little gimped :( I tried to change the block size from the original pattern, and didn't work. But it's still a really pretty square. The orange fabric looks a little funky in these pics. I used the nine patch method for this square.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Quilt Square # 3

Ok, here is quilt block #3 for my Grandma's quilt. I'm not quit sure about it. I appliqued some scriptures and pics from another fabric.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

First Two Squares

Here are my first two squares for my Grandma's quilt. This one is of Trin's hand. K, I left room around it for you to embroider. Let me know if this isn't what you were thinking. (the colors are a little off in these photos)

Here is Mycah's hand.


Mycah with his new hat and Trin.

Mycah showing off his new hat :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vintage Baby Quilt

Here it latest baby quilt. I really like the different prints in this quilt. It took me a while to finally decide how I was gonna finish it, and alot of seam ripping, but in the end it came out great. I am really happy with it. It has a few flaws that I would of liked to have been better, but nothing serious. I used the turn and tie method to finish off this quilt. The ties ended up coming out better than I thought they would. Shane was very impressed with how nice they look on the quilt.

Here is the back of it. It is made of green and white stripe flannel with a border of the soft pink plush.

Closer pic of the fabrics.

Up close pic of one of the ties.

Here's a pic of the corner back. This quilt has soft plush border on both sides.

Mycah's Knitted Hat

Here is a pic of the knitted hat I've been working on. I ended up not making it into what I originally intended for it. It was suppose to be a hat for Shane with an image on it, but that didn't work out. Doreen was kind enough to point out to me that it wasn't gonna fit Shane's So it is now a hat for Mycah. I will post pics tomorrow of him wearing it. It's just a simple hat in the stockinette stitch.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Quilted Makeup Bag

Here is a quilted makeup bag (or a bag for anything, really) I made for my mother in law for mother's day. Yes it's late I know. I had a really hard time getting the zipper in. This one was the third one I put in. The first two were invisible zippers. After alot of thought and failure I figured out I probably needed a regular zipper. Sure enough it worked. I'm glad I finally got the zipper in it and Shane will probably give it to her sometime this week.

Just another outside pic diffrent angle. Trying to get the coloring right and no light shinning on it.

Inside pic...with zipper open.

Another pic of the inside.

Knitted Purse # 2

What's more fun than knitting with one yarn?...knitting with two! This is my first attempt at intarsia. The method of knitting pictures into fabrics with two or more yarns. This bag design is completely mine. I drew the graph for my flower and knitted it in the tan suede yarn. I was so happy when the intarsia came out right. I did learn a few things about drawing my graphs so next time my intarsia will be better.

Farther away pic.

Up close pic of the flower.

Here is an upclose pic of the handles. I have been thinking and debating for a while what I wanted to do for the handles for this bag. If I should buy some or make some. After looking and thinking some more I came up with these hand braided ones. I think they fit the bag perfectly. When I first made them they were all tan, but the bag needed more blue so I put just a few strands of the yarn the flower was made out to give it that extra color.

Here is a pic of the fabric inside. I got this fabric off he dollar rack at Walmart. It goes soooo perfectly with this bag. I really like this material.

Here is just a pic of the outside and inside both.

Here is a pic of my graph I drew for my flower. As you can see in my pic the flower is more rounded vs. when I knitted it. Now I know I need to make some of my points more defined to show them better after knitting.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Selected Fabrics

Well, here are the fabrics I got for my Grandma's quilt that my sister and I are making for her. These will be the main colors, plus any others I may throw the blue for Mycah's hand.