Wednesday, August 30, 2006

From the Heart

Here is a present I made for Shane to put in his new office. I had gotten this picture frame a while ago and have been wanting to put something to this degree in it for him. It's not perfect and I'm not sure if it needs more or not. It seems plain but then it doesn't. I used the cross stitch function and the heart function on my machine to make this.




Thursday, August 24, 2006

Applique Pillow Practice

Here is a pillow I made for Trin with some scraps. I wanted to practice my applique so this is what I got. I'm not to happy with the flowers. I had two more on there put I took them off. Shane said it looked good...before I took the other two flowers off. I just wish the flowers looked a little better. I'm thinking they're just not the best kind for applique. If I woulda had green embroidery floss I woulda gave them some stems or something. But oh well, I needed some practice and Trin wanted a pillow. Win win situation!

Here is an upclose pic of the teddybear. You can still see the marking pen on his face. I think the came out good. I wish some of the edges could have been a little more smoother. This was my first time using french knots which were for his eyes. I use a running stitch for his mouth. All in was good practice.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pillow #1

Here is Mycah holding his new quilted pillow to go with his quilt. This is the first one of three I will be making. I had wanted to put piping on this one, but didn't have any. I will put it on the other two though. He loves this one because of the "zig zags" and because he loves the green fabric because it looks like "targets". This one was made from left over scraps from his quilt as will the other two as well.

Up close pic of the pillow. You can still see the quilting lines.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Triangles, Rectangles, and Squares...Oh My!

Here it is. I went all over town, but finally got my camera back! Yay! I took these pics outside to hopefully get some light on it. Anyways here's Mycah's quilt top. I also have the quilt top for one of his pillows finished as well, It will be atleast another week before I am able to get the backing and batting needed to finish it.

A little further away.

Just another view.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Well, I have finished Mycah's quilt top. However, at this point in time I don't have a camera to take pics of it. Yesterday Shane and the kids went out of town to a place his family has at a lake. The camera got until I get my camera I can't take pics :( It's pretty dissapointing...the quilt top looks so nice. Anyways, hopefully I will have my camera back this week.

Friday, August 18, 2006

B Day Present

Here is a bday present I made for my little sister. The pics a little weird cause it was laying on the ground then I flipped the pic. Anyways, she loves horses so that was the main reason I picked the pannel out. The top square has Psalms 23 on it. The only thing I have left to do on it is make a sleeve for hanging it.

On a side note. I finished all 70 squares for Mycah's quilt. They are all ironed and squared up. I'm thinking I should I have the top done sometime tomorrow...maybe.

Here is a pic of the top square.

Picture of the bottom square.

Friday, August 11, 2006

What's Happening

I feel like it's been forever since I have blogged. I am still working hard on Mycah's quilt. It has a lot of peicing in it. I'm also knitting here and there on Trin's blanket. I'm gearing up to start school soon with the kids. Probably this week or next. I haven't narrowed down an exact day yet. Shane is finally home and I didn't get nearly as much sewing finished as I thought I would while he was gone. Life was pretty boring without him :( But all is well now!!! I will probably post pics of the quilt top when I get it finished, but that is still at least a week away if not more.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cutting, Cutting, and More Cutting!!!

I have finally finished cutting out the fabric to make the blocks for the quilt. I still have to cut 3 5/8 yrd for the sashing, borders, and binding. However, I'm gonna take a break for now and start sewing the blocks together. The blocks above are not sewn yet. These are the blocks that are gonna be making up the quilt. I am really happy with how they look. I will be making 70 of these blocks for the quilt.

Closer pic of two of the blocks.

This is just a side view to see how thick my little piles are :)