Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Gameboy Carrying Case

Well, I finshed Mycah's Gameboy carrying case today and I must say I am very proud of this case. I appliqued an 'M' on the front but left the edges open so they will fray. They're not frayed yet...who knew that when you want something to fray, it won't!
Here is the front flap that opens up and has vinyl pockets to put 4 games. You can see 2 games in there now (they are wrapped however). This flap/pocket verlcros shut with the front flap.
Here is the main compartment. I love the material that I used for the linning. I put batting around this compartment to make it a little more 'safe'. This compartment also velcros shut

Here it is with the Gameboy inside. Yes, it's only a Gameboy color. As he gets older we will advance him to more 'expensive' travel gameing systems.

3 thoughts...:

Christi said...

you did a great job!! that is so much better then any case you couldve bought! great work!

Karina said...

I think you did an amazing job! your own design and all... awesome!

doreen said...

wow! your hair is shorter than what I remember, Very cute, and as long as it's HOT then go with it!
This is an awesome case! Charmie would LOVE this! It's making me want to revisit sewing one for him and also get cracking on my camera case. . .
I really like the color choices and fabrics you chose. I like the design too.
I know he will love this, it's so special that you thoughtfully made this for him. He'll love the gameboy too!
I'm so excited to see the Christmas morning glee faces!