Friday, May 13, 2005

Mycah's spiderman shorts

These are another pair of shorts for mycah. I got really lucky with the material. It was scrap material that was on the reduction rack. There was a little bit over 1/2 a yrd of it. When Karina and I saw this we like this is perfect for Mycah. All I need to make shorts for him is 1/2 a yrd. Usually material with spiderman or namebrand stuff on it is more, but I was able to get this for only $1.88! I was Posted by Hello

2 thoughts...:

christi said...

Look at you go!! Your doing awesome! Im sure mycah just loves them!!!

Anonymous said...

How does one get a set of these for his Tina and his Hanna? If you make a set of these for him, his Tina, and his Hanna, they will wear them. They will wear them... nine times. :)

- Teh Charrrrr!