Friday, December 16, 2005

My first cloth diaper!

Here is a pic of my first diaper I have ever made. I made it for Trin's babydoll. I think it came out great since I had no patterns and I have no cloth diapers around my house anymore. I did use a babydoll sposie as my guide for size and a free pattern online to get an idea of how to construct it all though the one online was for a pocket one size fits all diaper. This is a fitted diaper. It has two layers of soaker in the middle for a total protection of a whopping 3 layers!! ( I sound official now for all you cd'ing mothers out there?) This diaper has two flaws with it... a) it needs to be thinner between the legs, and b) I should have pulled the elastic tighter. But that's ok because the next diaper I make will be better. I'm just glad Trin has a nice soft fitted diaper for her baby now and not a nasty sposie, and if there is ever a Parsons 5 I can make my own diapers:)

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