Monday, January 16, 2006

Mycah's Quilt

Here is Mycah's finished quilt. It was a bundle of material that I bought like Karina's. This one has the theme of dogs and such cute material in it. You have to cut the fabric into the squares yourself and of course sew them. It didn't call for batting either but I put some in and I quilted with bones in the dark paw print squares, paw prints in the blue bone squares, spiral circles in the polk a dot material, and spiral squares in the yellow dog material. I did all the drawing myself for the designs. I used mock binding to finish the edges, which I barely had enough for since it didn't call for this type of finishing. It's a very soft cute quilt.

3 thoughts...:

doreen said...

no wonder you wouldn't answer the phone, you've been busy! I love this! I bet M does too!

Karina said...

wow, soo pretty!

Jennifer said...

lol i didn't answer the phone because my phone and internet have been out. the guy just came and fixed