Thursday, January 05, 2006

Quilt Update

Well, I am almost finished with the quilting part. I have found a few places that I didn't pull the top tight enough so that was a little disappointing, but no where near as bad as my first quilt. So I guess that's where the "practice makes perfect" comes in. The areas aren't major and you can't see them unless you are looking, but I know they are there:( The quilting part should be finished tomorrow then I will be making my own binding and putting it on so we will see how that goes. Listening to Karina scares After that my next project will be a quilted table runner for my mom...with a star pattern. So I am excited about starting that. Oh yea, I've been able to use some of my quilting feet that came with my machine, one of them being my walking's ohhhhh so nice:)

2 thoughts...:

doreen said...

ok, somehow i missed this. i bet the walking foot made a big difference!

Jennifer said...

oh boy did it!!