Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Trin's New Bed Skirt

Here is a bed skirt I made for Trin's bed. It really needed it cause the trundle bed underneath was showing. The material I used was curtains my mom had made for her room like 3 years ago. The curtains don't work for her room here since they were too long. So I ripped out the seams where the curtains were and cut it up and hemmed it and made it into this bed skirt. I had wanted her bed skirt to be more ruffley and Mycah's to be straight, but I didn't have enough fabric to make it ruffley or to go all the way around. But I did have enough for the two sides that were showing. I'm hoping to add some of this fabric into her quilt when I make it and make some curtains that do fit her windows.

2 thoughts...:

doreen said...

I love this, it looks great!

Karina said...

wow, yr are doing sooo great with your seamstress abilities, im soo proud! they look soo pretty and girly!