Sunday, July 16, 2006

Quilted Table Topper

Ok, here it is! The table topper I made for a good friend as a going away present. I will be giving it to her tomorrow. I used the double nine patch method for this quilt. You can't see any quilting from this angle. This is the most quilting I have ever done on a project and I had sooooo much fun doing it. I am very pleased with the outcome. Shane is very impressed as well and he's a hard audience to please :) I used alot of free hand quilting on this quilt. By the time I finished I had really gotten good at it. This is really one of my better quilted projects. I really enjoy making things for people. Click on the pics for a larger view.

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Karina said...

yes I agree this is the best! you keep gettin better and better. Keep it up. She should be sooo happy to receive this awesome gift!

Just Another Army Wife said...

WOW, thats awesome!!

I know nothing about quilting. I am assuming those designs are all hand done, well using a sewing machine tho right? How long did it take u do make the quilt? How long have u been quilting?

? for u,

So the pre-quilted u just add bias to the outside? Or do u need batting then a backing?

Is there a quilting for dummies site?

I'd love to start learning.

Jennifer said...

Yea all the pieces are hand cut and sewn using a machine. I started last summer at this time. If it is already prequilted it should already have batting in it and yes you would bind the outside yourself. The book that I got started with and Karina from Karina's Krafts was Quilt in a Day the log cabin method by Elanor Burns. we both found it to be very understanding and great for making our first quilts. you can get the book at joann's. Along with other good starter books. Just make sure it has pics :)

Jennifer said...

ps..if you look at my side bar for "my quilted projects" you can click on the link "my first quilt" that's the quilt I made using that book.
WARNING: quilting is addicting!!

doreen said...

I tried to comment at the beginning of my vacation but the internet there was slow, eventhough it was wireless.. . . i can actually see the pictures today :D Looks awesome!