Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Proud Mommy Moment

Well, this past Saturday Shane's grandpa passed away. Today was the funeral. After the funeral we went back to his grandma's house. I took the kids to a back room to change into play clothes. While we were back there I was focused on Mycah and helping him get out of his suit. The next thing I know Trin looks at me and says, "Can I eat this?" as she holds up a little pill (looked like maybe ibprofen, but idk). I was like oh my goodness no. I was so proud of her because we have talked with both of the children extensively about not eating things they find that look like candy. Because sometimes it's not and it could hurt them very bad or kill them. When we have taken medicine we always show them how it looks like candy but it's really not and it would hurt/kill them if they ate it. So I was soooooo proud and even more relieved that what we had taught her came back and she asked if she could eat it. If she had of eaten it I may not of known and wouldn't of known to help her.

On a side not I only have to bind the two short sides of the quilt and it will be finished!!!!

2 thoughts...:

Karina said...

oh my gosh how scary......i need to tell my glad she is smart...

doreen said...

that is scary. I'm so glad that you've worked on that and that she checked with you.
So close and then we get to see the quilt! :D