Thursday, October 05, 2006

We Have a Winner!

Ok...and the winner is....yellowrosebud03! It's a lion. I can't believe my mom guessed it. As soon as she knew it was an animal right away she was like oh it's a tiger or lion. The kids and I gave her no hints and she had no clue. I guess it really did take a "trained mother's eye" to see it. I outlined it so you could see it better. When Mycah drew the pic with the glue it really looked like a lion. The mane had lots of zig-zags, but as he placed the noodles on it it lost the sharp defining zig-zags. The three noodles "that dont' really belong" were suppose to be spots. Everyone had such good guesses. Congratulations Mom, you are the grand prize winner of two children!! I will drop them off tomorrow at 3 :D

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