Friday, January 05, 2007

First Knitted Wool Soaker

Here is my first soaker. I'm glad I'm finally able to make my own. I really want to make gender specific soakers, but for now plain white will have to do. The legs are not finished yet. I'm waiting to know the sex of the baby before I add them, and too dye it. I have lots of soaker making ahead of me. I have to get Karina's soakers and my own soakers made. I can't wait till I can add some designs too the back of them :)
Also, If you have any other free soaker pattern sites I could check out just leave it in the comments section..thanks so much.
I got this pattern at here

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Karina said...

thank you so much, baby hurst will love it! It looks great!

Just Another Army Wife said...

Oh u did an great job!!

Home Ec Steph said...

Oh I love the soaker. I would love to learn how to knit. I am sure I could figure it out...I crochet, but I have never tried knitting. I would love to make more soakers for Alyssa. Great Job!!!

doreen said...

Great job! I remember my first soaker, it makes you feel good doesn't it? This turned out really cute. It will be neat to see it all finished with the legs you add on!
I made this soaker for ch and m and it knits up pretty easy on straights.
I haven't made this one from Fern and Faeire, but I've heard good reviews on it, there is a round and straight pat here.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you make. As always your knitting is beautiful!

Christi said...

I cant wait to try this! Hope mine looks half as good lol

Cindy said...

The soaker looks great. I think soakers are fun because they are a pretty quick knit.

A couple of other links that I have are as follows:

Little Turtle Knits has some adorable soaker patterns for purchase. They knit up fantastically!!! Cute just to look at for ideas as well. Here is the link:

Cindy said...

Here is a new pdf format for the curly purly soaker.