Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Pajama Bottoms for Trin

Here are Trin's new pajama bottoms. They were pretty easy. I sewed them up last night. I really love this flannel. I bought it to start making diapers, but ended up with this. I got this flannel at my Walmart for 50% off. It is one of the ones that are closing their fabric department :(

Trin was being really cuddley with Daddy this morning. These were some pics I took before I got her pj pics. She even wanted Daddy to walk to the door with her to get her pic taken, it was really sweet.

5 thoughts...:

doreen said...

This is a very cute print! These little bottoms look adorable. Trin is adorable too. Don't you love it when they are little clingons???
So far our Walmart isn't closing, but I'm sad I don't get any 1/2 price fabric.

Christi said...

Which walmart? raeford rd/gillis hill? I was just at the hope mills one the other day and didnt see any 50% off.. so Im assuming the other one.. boo hoo!
Pants are adorable :) and cute pics with daddy!

Karina said...

aww soo sweet and cute pants!

Just Another Army Wife said...

Love the pants!! So which Walmart was the fabric at? How was the supply what was left??

I hit up Raeford today thinking I wouldn't get anything but I scored alot of fabric.

Jennifer said...

yea i got the fabric from the raeford rd one. i wanna go back and see what else they have left