Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Basket of Happiness

My dear friend Christi made me this wonderful basket of happy fluff for my baby present for Jhet!!! She made me some wonderful Little Bean Diapers! along with some other goodies she made and purchased.
Cute little onesie she bought for Jhet...he's gonna look so cool :)

Cute gown she embroidered. It says "Breastfed Baby Boy"

Wonderful wool wash for my wool!!
2 small diaper covers purchased from Eco Wraps. I also have two more covers coming from This End Up which I can't wait to get.
Awesome Little Bean Diaper with a dragon print on it which Shane LOVED when he saw it. Medium fitted.
Here also are two wonderful medium pocketLittle Bean Diapers
This is the back of the gray pocket. It says I'm a little brother and is so freakin cute!

Here we have two wool breast pads and 3 yummy wipes with the dragon print on them.
Thank you so much Christi I love everything so much. Definitely a happy fluff day!

4 thoughts...:

Christi said...

awww Im so glad you like everything :)

Lisa said...


Isn't Christi great!!

I'm glad you like your basket! Shew as so excited to do this for you.


doreen said...

awwwww, this is awesome. You are so blessed! All of these things are adorable. Especially the dragon stuff that C made! I am loving the breastpads, I need some of those!

Karina said...

so cute! fluff day is great, i remember getting my bag of happiness too!