Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Cart Cover Attempt

Here is my first cart cover. I looked at some pics and just kinda "winged" it. I think I made the leg openings to big. This cover is being demonstrated on a Food Lion cart. But I think the Walmart carts are alot "deeper" than this one. So we'll have to see. This is the first time Jhet has ever sat in a cart. To bad we only came to get the pictures and didn't actually "use" the cart...lol. I also wanted this so we would have a cover for the highchairs when we go out to eat.

I still have to add the seat belt to this which will be happening with in the next month or so.

The contrasting fabric on the other side of this is green.

2 thoughts...:

Karina said...

so proud of you! It looks great!

Christi said...

You did a great job!!! It looks awesome!