Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Made Butter!

Well, today I decided to try my hand at making butter. I used this tutorial to show me how. I had alot of fun and it was sooooo cool to see the process happen.

I used 64 fluid ozs of heavy whipping cream.
Here's the cream coming to room temperature
Thankfully I have an automatic whisk that I was able to use to make the butter.

Here it is becoming more stiff

Here it is turning to butter and separating from the buttermilk.

I got about 1 quart of buttermilk from it. Which homemade buttermilk tastes pretty darn good.

Here it is while I'm still trying to get all the buttermilk out.

Here I am rinsing the butter with water to completely clean out the buttermilk. I probably rinsed and stirred it 15-20 times. I wanted to make sure it was really clean :D

Here I'm trying to get all of the water out. (this was the part I hated the most)

Here it is all finished. The butter in my tupperware is in my refrigerator waiting to be used. And the two wrapped up are in my freezer.

It tastes really good!!!

5 thoughts...:

Christi said...

Very cool!! I cant wait to make some!

Gloria said...


Karina said...

IM sooo doing this!!! great JOb!

Christi said...

do i have to have THAT much whipping cream? I only got 2 small things at the commissary cause thats all they had.

Jennifer said...

no, you can have as little or as much as you want. i got this much because i wanted alot of butter. also the amount of butter will be less than the amount of whipping cream you have.