Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bean Mosaics

Today for Project Thursday we made bean mosaics. The kids had a great time. Jhet did really good with his after he stopped trying to eat the playdough and the beans.

Here's Mycah's. He started out making a picture then it turned into

The left side his Jhet's side and the right side is mine.

Trin had planned to cover the whole thing with beans but got tired and went to eat

4 thoughts...:

Karina said...

LOL... Trin is soo funny! I love em. The kids really did have a great time! Jhet is hungry, feed him! :)

Jennifer said...

lol, yea he's hungry for dough he can't eat and dried beans that he can't i guess when i put him in his chair and put "food" in front of him he figured it was time to eat...besides this food looked "interesting"

Gloria said...

oh cool. What's the craft for this Thursday?

Jennifer said...

we are getting big leaves and pressing them in a book for a day or two then they are gonna paste them to construction paper and draw an animal using the leaf as the body. they can also have more than one leaf it they want. but the kids and i are gonna go to the park either tuesday or wednesday to look for our leaves if you wanna come :)