Saturday, January 09, 2010

Homeschool books

Well, I get excited this time of year because this is usually the time I start shopping/purchasing my school books for next year. For 1-3 grade I really like Lifepacs and how they work. But for Mycah for fourth grade I have been shopping around and I think we have finally decided on what we will be using.
First, for Language we've decided to use Bob Jones University English.
For Science we are going to be using Apologia, Exploring Creation with Astronomy. Along with that we will be using the The Notebooking Journal. I am going to get one for Trin too and just have them both do it together.
Bible, we are going to be using Lifepac.
Also, for History and Geography we will be using Lifepac.
Math was a little bit harder to decide. I was stuck between Teaching Textbooks and Math-U-See. My husband was all for Math-U-See. After researching and watching the videos from both places I decided that Math-U-See was for us. It seems like the set up for Teaching Textbooks is better for older students. I was very impressed with the video about Math-U-See and the way for teaching and understanding it. I can't wait to try it!

So, what are you going to be using?

3 thoughts...:

creative gal said...

I don't homeschool (no kids yet), but love to read and see how other folks do it! I know you are a great teacher (and mom! :o)

Jennifer said...

thanks so much for your encouraging words :)

Christi said...

Wow, you got it all figured out! yay! Im no where near the area of thinking what to get for next year.. I should start thinking about it though so I can get a head start.. next school year will be here before I know it!