Saturday, July 22, 2006


Ok, so maybe I'm not in heaven, but I went to the library today to get books. I LOVE to read. It's been a while since I have gone to the library for myself. We usually go weekly, the kids and I. But I never get books for myself, because I am so busy with my sewing and quilting I don't have time to read. So since I am banned from Joann's till Friday I figured now would be a great time to read. It was nice being able to look at books again. I got two books I think I'm gonna enjoy and "Gone with the Wind" as a back up incase I dont' like the other ones. So I probably won't be sewing this week. This will be a nice break.

4 thoughts...:

Karina said...

sounds good, and theres always your scrap blocks you can work on .....:)

Jennifer said...

lol, yes my scrap blocks...which i probably will end up working on atleast one this week. or find something in my scrap bin to make something out of!

Just Another Army Wife said...

Enjoy your books!!

doreen said...

banned??? you are lucky to have a substitute!
Have a great week reading!
I'll miss your new projects but maybe you can get some creative juices flowing with your break!